Jaguar F-Type SVR will release early March!


This is the Jaguar F-Type SVR. United Kingdom car fastest series will release in early March 2016.

This car would be present at the Geneva Motor Show in early March with the status as models carrying the SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) first belonged to the company, as quoted from Auto Guide (17/2).

This car is claimed to have the power. According to the same source mentioned that F-Type SVR was able to run from 0-100 km/h in a mere 3.5 seconds. Amazing!

In addition, the top speed of the vehicle is 321km/hour. Then how about the price? Lucky because before the release, Jaguar has issued details of its price.

For the variant of the Jaguar F-Type coupe SVR will sold USD 126,945. While the Jaguar F-Type variant SVR conversion sold USD 129,795.

It is estimated, after the release in early March, this car will be available in the market around the middle of the year 2016.


Suzuki Pay Indemnity to VW, to End The Conflict

suzuki vw
Suzuki Motor Corp. claimed to have reached an agreement with Volkswagen AG (VW) following the expiration of the cooperation both of them, the middle of last year.

Japantimes reported, Suzuki said that they agreed it will pay some money into VW. While VW will attract claims of harm from Suzuki.

Suzuki himself did not disclose how the amount of compensation. However, the original manufacturer of this Japan admitted the amount was insignificant.

This agreement constitutes the end of the conflict the two of them in the International Court of Arbitration since 2011. The partnership began to deteriorate since January 2009, after VW considers Suzuki breaking the written agreement.

At that time, Suzuki announced plans to buy Diesel engines from Fiat. VW considers the decision was a violation of the Covenant.

Finally, the International Tribunal on last August decided Suzuki should pay some money into VW due to violate obligations of the contract.

As for the cooperation of Suzuki and VW originally was to develop hybrid technology and electric cars. Various cooperation agreements such as the transfer of technology and other programs does not occur because of the many problems that come up.

Although Expensive, Gp Polini 910 Still sold in Indonesia!

gp polini

Although sold expensive, GP Polini 910 CARENA S H2O origin Italy remain successful! The price is 43.6 million for the water cooled versions, and variants of water cooled for Rp 47.88 million. Similar to the Honda CBR250R price sold Rp 47 millions and very expensive tha price or harga yamaha nmax kredit in indonesia.

“the first 12 units and unit test ridenya are sold out,” said Sagita Dennil, CEO of PT Inter Part Victory Scooter (Scooter VIP), official distributor of racing part and Polini Mocil in Indonesia.

To that end, the second in 2016 kloter order is being conducted. “Not a lot, we just 12 messages the unit again. Three of them were already in the buying-selling, “said amiable who had some old Vespa collection. This second kloter plan, would come to Indonesia in the next few months.

“In addition to selling his motorcycle, we also sell racing parts and service services official. There is a warranty, too, until 6 months, “body size

For example, when Rey Ratukore, a driver who buys Mocil Polini GP to train students in his racing career, could easily get the racing part. “Because it is still a direct warranty, we reserve to Italy damaged components. finished! “promo Dennil.

This brings the motor engine 2-stroke only 36.69 cc but to the marketing language Polini called it 40 cc. Block and head cylinders made of aluminum and tiny carburetor berventuri 14 mm, already use reed valve and radiator. Power claimed the tiny translucent 6.2 dk, huh? But does it weigh just 18 kg! Power to weight ratio (PWR) so it’s great.

Nissan X-Trail Makes the fastest in the snow

x trail

The toughness of the Nissan X-Trail SUV 7 passenger as on the road on road and offroad does not need to be questioned again. Even now, the Nissan prove speed X-Trail in the snow, but in existence sled or bobsleigh.

Translate Nissan design and technology that its flagship SUV became a bobsleigh which is not uncommon. The vehicle used for the fastest sport on top of this snow, was introduced for the streaking on the Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria.

Streamline-shaped sled designed by Nissan adopted elements of the X-Trail, such as grille V-motion, and the boomerang-shaped LED headlights.

If bobsleigh generally contains only 2-4 people, bobsleigh X-Trail designed capable of catering up to seven passengers, such as the Nissan X-Trail. As a result, bobsleigh X-Trail has dimensions of length 4.2 meters, only 42.6 cm shorter than the version of the car.

“Nissan Design Europe takes its inspiration from the form and character of Nissan X-Trail to make X-Trail Bobsleigh, designed by Diego Menardi at his workshop in Cortina. The result resembles the ideas and technology of fresh innovative crossover models from Nissan, “said Darryl Scriven, Manager of design of Nissan Design Europe.

Claims of Nissan, X-Trail capable bobsleigh sped from 0-100 km/h in 30 seconds, while its top speed is 104 km/h. In full speed, G-force in the kokpitnya can reach 4.5 G.

After being introduced to the public at the Gaikindo Indonesia

International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2015 on last August, PT Indomobil Suzuki today Sales officially launched its newest sedan, the Ciaz notch back.

Price on the road (OTR) Jakarta Suzuki Ciaz Rp 275 million for type manual transmission (M/T) and Rp 285 million for the type of automatic transmission (A/T). In order to accommodate the tastes of consumers, Ciaz comes with three color options, namely Pearl Super Black, Snow White, Pearl and Metallic Star Silver.


“The launch of Ciaz today is one of our commitments to the people of Indonesia to always present something different,” said Makmur, Marketing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales through a press release, broadcast Tuesday, November 24, 2015.

Globally, Ciaz first present on 6 October 2014 and then in India, followed by the launch in China in January 2015 by the name Suzuki Alivio. Finally, Ciaz was launched officially in Thailand on April 7, 2015. The two countries are the producers of Ciaz. “In addition to the Asian market, Ciaz has been marketed globally, among others, in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa,” said prosper.

Ciaz, said Prosper, combines elements of upscale sedan with sporty and elegant design. In addition, this car also presents a balance of fuel efficiency (due to the use of the machine type K14B capacity 1250 cc) and performance drive, and roomy cabin space and comfort, as well as high safety.

Comes with dimensions of length and width 1730 4490 millimetres millimetres, making Ciaz the largest in its class. With the optimized layout, the seat back can be occupied three adults with a comfortable position. In addition, Ciaz also has a spacious luggage luggage capacity of 495 litres with the largest in its class that can carry bulky goods and many, such as golf bags to folding bikes. Ciaz has a high overall 1475 millimeters, the distance of axle 2650 mm, the lowest distance 160 millimeters, and the minimum swivel radius 5.4 metres.

The vehicle also has many up-to-date features so that motorists can drive with a convenient and enjoyable, like the audio switch on steering wheel and easy set up Bluetooth connection with a hands-free telephone function, auto driving control, 2 din audio system with CD player, Mp3, USB connection, aux in, and 4 speakers, 2 tweeters are modern and well-equipped. Ciaz also fitted keyless push start engine that can facilitate their riders turn the car just by pressing the button “to”.